Saturday, January 16, 2010

[BLEEP] YOU, MASCOT! Purdue Pete

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! IT'S AN AUTON! Don't let him catch you! Run before it's too late!
Oh wait, it's just Purdue Pete, the unofficial costumed mascot of Purdue University. But dangit, he's just as scary as an Auton.
Just Look at that head. Even for a costumed character that head looks frightening. Those big oval eyes. The totally emotionless stare. That shiny fabricated head is totally nightmare inducing. Where's Jon Pertwee when you need him? (well he's dead, but that's besides the point).
Purdue Pete isn't the official Purdue mascot. That's a "train" called the Boilermaker Special, of all things. But we'll throw the train under the bus some other time. Purdue still lets this Freudian nightmare roam the sidelines and the courtside. Pete likes to show his sinister control over the Purdue student body by using them as his own personal wave pool.

Is this normal? I think not.

(apologies as usual to Matthew Gasteier)

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