Monday, January 18, 2010

Alaska Nanooks Polar Bear is kicking butt and taking names

Forget Sarah Palin. This is the Alaska native who our nation should be electing President in 2012: The Alaska Nanooks Polar Bear. Here is the latest of video clips featuring the bear which have become an internet sensation.

Do you think any Islamic fascists are going to try any crap with a giant Polar Bear as POTUS? I think not. The Alaska Nanooks Polar Bear isn't a wussy polar bear like that one in the Coke ads. Or like Knut, that cute little baby polar bear in Germany who is neither a baby nor cute anymore.
Give the makers of the video some actual credit though. Among the usual cheesy eighties songs was Laura Branigan's "Self Control." It's probably one of the most underrated eighties songs with one of the more underrated videos of the decade.
By the way, The Alaska Nanooks are an college team. Nanook is a variation of nanuq, the Inupiaq word for polar bear. How the NCAA hasn't thrown a hissy fit over this is beyond me.

(via Deadspin)

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