Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Terence Moore has a thinking problem over Urban Meyer

Just when I think Terence Moore can't write something more stupid, he goes and writes something more stupid. This time, the Fanhouse columnist goes on record as saying Florida shouldn't have taken Urban Meyer back after his resignation. And pretty snottily too.
On one hand, Moore has a hard time believing Meyer's story about his health. In fact he goes on to claim that what Meyer was really stressing over was Brian Kelly getting his Notre Dame "dream job." Oh. Child. Please. Anybody short of Elvis Costello could have told you that the Notre Dame Job is more footnote than dreamboat these days. Besides, Florida is the Notre Dame of its time.
On the other hand, Moore says that if Meyer's truthful about his health he's a medical liability to Florida. Not really. A leave of absence allows more time for a proper assessment of Meyer's condition. If he needs time off for surgery, it's there. If the doctors say Meyer should hang his whistle up, then Florida has Steve Addazio in place for at least a year, while AD Jeremy Foley can quietly scout a replacement (if Addazio bombs) without running around like a headless chicken.
On the third hand (I guess Terence Moore is a Motie now?) Moore suggests that Meyer's "retirement" wouldn't last and he'd be back coaching, but that Florida should force Meyer into staying retired and moving something such as a commentating position like Al McGuire's Moore claims this happened because Marquette wouldn't let him come out of retirement to coach the Milwalkee Bucks, and thus "saved McGuire from himself". (I guess through contractual maneuvers, but Moore doesn't really explain how). That was in the Seventies, when medical knowledge and technology wasn't as advanced as it is now. Florida and Meyer's doctors can easily help determine the right course for Meyer and his condition.
Moore is (as usual) being foolish on all extremes. Meyer's health is an issue, but not one that has to be so draconianly handled by Florida. It's in Florida's best interest that they give Meyer time the proper time and space to make take care of himself and take more consideration into his future.

(via Fanhouse)

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