Monday, December 14, 2009

Someone in Kansas already wants Turner Gill gone

Turner Gill hasn't been on the job at Kansas' head football coach a full day yet and there's already a Fire Turner Gill site up.
Who would this site rather have as coach?

"JIM HARBAUGH, Tommy Tuberville, JIM HARBAUGH, Randy Edsall, JIM HARBAUGH, Skip Holtz. Did I mention JIM HARBAUGH?

Uh, did anybody mention that JIM HARBAUGH signed an extension with Stanford yesterday?Yeah, like he was going to give up being a constant thorn in Pete Caroll's side in sunny California to be Bob Stoops and Mack Brown's whipping boy? Yeah, didn't think so.
Okay, Gill's win/loss record as a coach isn't quite as stellar as Mark Mangino's. But right now that's beside the point. The Kansas football program's on the ropes because of Mangino's antics. Gill's hire is as much about saving face.
Besides Gill's not chopped liver. As quarterback coach, he helped Nebraska win three "National Championships" in the 90's. So he has a pretty good Big 12 background.

(via EDSBS, Fire Turner Gill )

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