Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rick Reilly uses closed captioning as excuse to consume adult beverages

In a sad, admitted excuse t0 get plastered, Rick Reilly sat in a bar looking for closed captioning flubs on the TV. This isn't an lame excuse to put adult beverages on Reilly's ESPN expense account, this is a cry for help,* if only for a problem with writer's block.
Even sadder is some of the things on the closed-captioning he came up with. Ndamukong Suh was transformed into "INCOME CONGRESS SUE." And Mike Tomlin's (via Gladiator) now infamous "Unleash Hell in December" quote became "UNLEASH HOWL IN DECEMBER."
Reilly tries to give the people writing the captions some slack. But on some level you expect them to try to do better. Closed captioning was created to help those who were hearing impaired, as opposed to giving joy to inebriated sports journalists. They really need to try a little harder to get it right the first time.

(*And no, I am not seriously accusing Rick Reilly of having a problem with alcoholism. Living off the fumes of past glories? Well that's another question.)

(via ESPN)

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