Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rich Rodriguez Hubris Watch:Detroit Free Press looks at rules enforcement.

The Detroit Free Press is looking deeper at the "time limits on football training" controversy that has dogged Michigan and head football coach Rich Rodriguez since the season began. The paper found that the monitoring of NCAA rules on the amount of time allowed per week for football-related training is the responsibility of member schools, and not the NCAA itself. It also questions the idea that training violations are rampant. Jo Potuto, former chair of the NCAA infractions committee disputed such claims.

“A lot of the folks who are saying that everybody does it have never been on college campuses anywhere,” Potuto said. “I’ve got better experience that tells me otherwise. At a lot of schools the coaches and the compliance people are paying attention to it … because getting caught is not worth it.”

The Detroit Free Press asked 35 universities about their monitoring policies. Twenty-four schools responded to the request. Michigan declined, siting the ongoing NCAA investigation.

(via Detroit Free Press)

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