Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oops! Kiffin and Tennessee did it again.

Tennessee is in trouble...again. The NCAA is investigating Rocky Top, but they're apparently not looking for a moonshine still. (Though it wouldn't be shocking if they found one or two.) The New York Times reports Tennessee is coming under scrutiny for the actions of their "hostesses" that might have gone beyond their job description.
The hostesses are part of an official group of Tennessee students who "promote the University and its strong academic programs, rich traditions, and winning athletics program to campus visitors and potential student-athletes." Allegedly their activities went far beyond what is allowed by the NCAA. This includes traveling off campus to games in which potential recruits were playing (a no-no), and waving signs that said "Come to Tennessee" (another no-no).
The investigation is being called "wide-ranging," probably because of Lane Kiffin's string of minor infractions earlier in the year. The NCAA are said to be interviewing recruiting prospects in Florida and Georgia over Tennessee's activities. It looks like Kiffin's going to have a lot of explaining to do about this one.

(via New York Times, Deadspin)

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