Saturday, December 5, 2009

Minnesota paper honors Favre, insults past Vikings' players

It looks like the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has found a new way to annoy Fran Tarkenton. The newspaper is teaming up with Sport Publishing to publish Purple Reign: Brett Favre's incredible journey to Minnesota. (Prince probably isn't too happy about that title either)
The book describes Favre's season with the Vikings as "the most memorable in the history of the franchise." Well, if Fran Tarkenton wasn't already unamused with Favre becoming a Viking, this will truly be the icing on the cake. All he did was lead the Vikings to three Super Bowl appearances. They lost all three, mind you, but that ought to count for something.
Is Brett Favre's year with the Vikings really greater than three years the team went to the Super Bowl? Is that what the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is saying? It sounds like the newspaper is falling into the "sports history before ESPN doesn't matter" trap. That's a pretty dangerous one, since it exposes a lack of real knowledge about the subject. It's an insult to those Vikings players who really did do more in all of their seasons as Vikings than Favre has done in less than one.

(via Deadspin)

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