Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kill this Drew Brees meme before it spreads

Looks like there a new meme brewing out there right now. This one involves New Orleans Saints qb Drew Brees acting rather...well, Saintly. There's a thread about this over at the comics/geek culture site The Outhouse with little gens like these:

"Drew Brees will pick up the check. No worries, man."

"Drew Brees isn’t mad that you crashed the car. Insurance will take care of everything. He just hopes you’re okay."

"Drew Brees has heard that birthmark joke 4,567 times before. But he still laughed at it anyway."

"Drew Brees is renting a speedboat this weekend. Wanna head out onto the lake with some beers?"

"Drew Brees dated your sister, and that was all right with you."

"Drew Brees is okay with cuddling if that’s what you’d rather do."

"Drew Brees wears that Affliction shirt because his brother-in-law bought it for his birthday, and he’d hate to hurt his feelings."

"Drew Brees hooked your kid up with a terrific summer internship."

(The bad news: It was with Mark Foley)

"Drew Brees pays the toll for the guy behind him."
Well, he'd better after he pulled this stunt:

Sheesh, even Tim Tebow ain't this saintly. The sooner a NotDrewBrees shows up on Twitter the better. Otherwise, the sooner this undesired descendant of Chuck Norris jokes dies out the better.

(via The Outhouse)


Anonymous said...

Drew Brees wouldn't steal from Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Wright Blan said...

I figured they were swiped from somewhere. I'm not the one who's trying to swipe it, just kill it.