Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jason Garrett might not have the job security he thiks he does in Dallas

It's been a(nother) long December for the Dallas Cowboys. And there's no reason to believe that maybe this season will end better than the last.* In other words, Wade Phillips is probably going to be updating his resume pretty soon. He's might not be the only one if Tim Cowlishaw has his way.
It long been figured that Cowboys' offense coordinator Jason Garrett was heir apparent for the job Cowboys' head coach. He was hired by Jerry Jones even before he hired Wade Phillips, for cryin' out loud. Cowlishaw argues that Garrett's poor handling of the Cowboys' offense this year should be the main reason he shouldn't get the job.
"Just getting rid of Phillips in order to raise Garrett's status to match his $3 million salary makes about as much sense as watching Nick Folk miss field goals on a weekly basis and deciding that the problem is the holder," Cowlishaw writes.
"And the Cowboys already tried that, with costly results in a 3-point loss to San Diego." Ouch. Nice little back handed cheap shot at Tony Romo there.
The good news for Cowboys' fans is that it does look like the Wade Phillips era is almost over in Dallas. The bad news is that the Jerry Jones Reign of Terror will continue for the near future. If Cowlishaw's lucky, he'll get his wish and Jason Garrett won't be head coach next year. On the other hand, he might end up with Charlie Weis or something more ludicrous than that. I hear Willie Martinez is available.

*(Apologies to Counting Crows)

(via Dallas Morning News)

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