Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Golddomedammerung: Get over the Navy loss already!

There is a thread woven through the hubris that is Notre Dame's firing of Charlie Weis. It is something heard from the lowliest Domer to Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick: The final nail in Charlie Weis coffin was the loss to Navy. That loss seems to have more sticking power than the losses to Connecticut and Stanford that followed it. Nothing was worse than losing to Navy.
Memo to Domers: Get over yourselves.
Domers are acting like losing to Navy was worse than anything else on the planet. Losing to Navy is worse than your dog getting run over. It worse than your losing your job. It's worse than losing your girlfriend to the Trekkie next door.
Domers act like Navy is the worst team in the world to lose to. Too bad the facts don't match up to their delusions of grandeur Navy are 8-4 so far this year. The odds are pretty good this year that will end up 9-4 after this weekend's game against Army. They'll all set to face a Big 12 opponent in the Texas Bowl in Houston on New Year's Eve.
This isn't part of a trend, by the way. This will be Navy's seventh winning season in a row. Second year head football coach Ken Niumatalolo has pretty much picked up what Paul Johnson built up when he left for Georgia Tech (Yeah Domers, that Paul Johnson. The one that was allegedly on your wish list until G-Tech gave him an extension). And that's seven seasons of at least eight or more wins. Sure Navy had a long streak of insignificance before that. But that's no excuse for not giving them credit for turning things around.
By the way Domers, stop treating Navy like the plague in the first place. The Midshipmen are going to school to do a job your precious little Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate don't have the guts to do...serve their country in a time of war. Many Midshipmen have risked their lives serving their country. At least one former Navy football player was killed in action in Iraq.
So Domers, man up and quit whining about losing to Navy. Do you think Florida threw a massive hissy-fit when they lost to Georgia a few years back? (Ole Miss, yes. But, that's another story) Quit acting like losing to Navy was the worst thing that could have happened to your precious little team. There's not a nobler or more honorably team that you lost to this year.

(One more thing: Here's a link to the JP Blecksmith Leadership Foundation, which honors the Midshipman player I mentioned in passing.)

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