Friday, December 4, 2009

Eli Manning confesses to writting graffitti on Jerry Jones' wall

Eli Manning has finally confessed to his act of social deviancy in the Heathen Temple to Jerry Jones' Avarice Cowboy Stadium. Signing his autograph on the wall in the visitor's locker room to be exact:

Here's the catch, Eli's claiming he did it at the behest of an unnamed employee of "a locker room attendant." Is that what he calls his imaginary friend these days? He couldn't come up with a better name like Captain Tuttle? And his reaction?

"Yeah, I kind of heard a few things about it,'' Manning said. "I figure they'll eventually get over it."

Archie and Peyton need to have a long talk to him about this. Today writing graffiti on walls, tomorrow robbing banks. This doesn't bode well.

(via, Deadspin)

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