Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dawgageddon: How to tell if your bowl game sucks

Dawg fans rejoice! It almost time for the Advocare V100 Independence Bowl in beautiful Shreveport, LA. Oh, look at the vitamins falling out of the sky! Look at the vitamins falling out of the sky.
The Bulldog Nation should revel in the fact that the hated Willie Martinez will not be the defensive coordinator for this game. The bad news? It looks like nobody else wants the job. The Dawg's defense will be handled by line coach Rodney Garner and a couple of graduate assistants. If that news doesn't a premature "Aggie Dance" in College Station, nothing will.
(And if you have to ask what the "Aggie Dance" is, a) You're too young, b) you really don't need to know, and c)You have limited knowledge of Broadway (you lucky dog! I wish I was you.)).
Of course it's still the Independence Bowl. Want to know how bad the Independence Bowl sucks? It's on ESPN2 at 5:00 PM EST. That would make sense if there was another game or some other sporting event scheduled on ESPN. The truth? ESPN has it's normal everyday programming scheduled at that time. That's right, ESPN would rather show Stat Boy Tony Reali and Woody Paige instead of an SEC football team vs. a Big 12 team in a bowl game. That all but says your bowl sucks and you suck.
Hey, it could be worse. Georgia could've been in the Little Caesars Bowl in Detroit. But at least that game had enough respect to be shown on a Saturday on ESPN, and not relegated to ESPN2 up against Kornheiser and Wilbon.
The Bulldogs have pretty much hit the bottom of the barrel when it comes to bowl games. Another year like this and Martinez won't be the only ex-coach form the 2009 staff to looking for a job around Christmas.

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Unknown said...

Hey...try being a Tech fan! We've had MUCH more suffering the last 15 years than y'all have!!!!