Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dawgageddon: Georgia's bowl stock sinking despite beating Georgia Tech

It doesn't look like beating a team in the ACC Championship is going to help Georgia go to a decent bowl game this year. While there is still a chance that Georgia could wind up as high as the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta, the Dawgs could fall as far as the ESPN-owned Bowl in Birmingham, AL on January 2, 2010. At least that's as far as Jeff Schultz says they could fall. No one's even talking about a Jan. 1 Bowl appearance.
The game once called The Peach Bowl wouldn't be a bad place for Georgia to wind up, despite being pretty much in the Dawgs backyard. But it still seems a lot like kissing your sister. The Music City Bowl wouldn't be too bad, though they might go for Kentucky over Georgia. The rest? meh.
Schultz points out the biggest flaw in the bowls. Teams are selected for drawing power rather than for which available teams would make the best match-ups. Add in arrangements with the conferences and the chances for great games almost go out the window. Kentucky might get the nod over Georgia because of the theory that Kentucky fans will travel better to Nashville than Georgia fans would. (Which is a shame, Dawg fans. Nashville ain't a bad place to be)
Of course Georgia only has itself to blame for whatever lackluster bowl they go to. Gee, imagine where the Dawgs would be going if they actually had a competent defensive coordinator.


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