Thursday, December 17, 2009

Could the Big 10 become the Fab 14? Or the Sweet 16?

So you're the Big 10, you've got to decide between Rutgers, Missouri, and Pittsburgh as the possible twelfth school in you're conference. Which one to ask?
How about all three?
The Big 10 is actually considering adding as many as three to five schools to the conference, if you believe and article posted on The Chicago Tribune's website. The Tribune quotes an unnamed source that "Anything is possible," when it came to the subject of expansion.
Fourteen teams sounds like a lot. But with two divisions of seven, its feasible. There would still be room for a non-division game or two. Sixteen teams may be too many, unless the NCAA adds a game or two to the schedule.
The other question this brings up is the possibility of other conferences joining in expansion. If the Big 10 added three teams how soon before the SEC and Big 12 followed? And would smaller conferences like the Big East and Mountain West survive the feeding frenzy? The landscape of college football might be considerably different from where it is now if the Big 10 goes beyond twelve teams.

(via The Chicago Tribune)

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