Friday, December 25, 2009

[BLEEP] YOU, MASCOT! The Stanford Tree

(Okay, too freaking obvious for Christmas. But hey, at least it out of the way now.)

Oh Stanford Tree, oh Stanford Tree. You're lameness is appalling. You're not even official mascot. You' re something the Stanford band uses to thumb it's nose at the university's leadership. Blame the university for a)Not having anything resembling a spine and/or a set of chalupas and putting up with such foolishness. And b)Not having enough brains to actually designate an official mascot.
Of course such foolishness could only come in the wake of political correctness. Stanford's nickname used to be the Indians, but Native American students protested and the name was dropped in 1972. Stanford was known as the Cardinals between 1972-1981, when the school decided to get cutesy and started calling itself the Cardinal, as in the shade of red.
What Stanford didn't do was designate a new mascot. With the Stanford band left to their own devices (and no, that's not a good idea), the Tree developed. The Tree is used on the Stanford logo, and some genius decided to turn that into an unofficial costumed mascot.
It such lameness like The Stanford Tree that makes you want to go out and chop down a redwood or two.


Anonymous said...

Word dude! I think the tree sucks and this post is awesome too, because I don't know what satire is either.

Anonymous said...

Man, I always take blog posts seriously when they misuse apostrophes!