Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[BLEEP] YOU, MASCOT! Jaxon de Ville

Well, here's a first, an NFL mascot. Jaxon de Ville? This is the best you could do, Jacksonville Jaguars? This is beyond lame, its just sad.
Jaxon de Ville is a jaguar with teal markings in lieu of the black ones a real jaguar has. So he's already lamer than Chester Cheetah, which may be the lamest advertising character ever created.
Everything about Jaxon says "loser." Football jersey over fat belly. Sunglasses that do nothing to hide the lameness factor. And the teal paws on the shorts...ugh! They look too much like he's roaming in public in his boxers. What, they couldn't find a pair of jean shorts that could fit him.?
Jaxon De Ville is enough proof that the Jacksonville Jaguars problems go way beyond lack of public support. There seems to be a whole lot of institutional hubris surrounding this team. It's doubtful that even drafting Tim Tebow can solve the Jags' problems.

(Apologies as usual to Matthew Gasteier)

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