Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eli Manning is a social deviant

Jerry Jones spends a billion dollars of his own money on a heathen temple football stadium for his own personal avarice the hardworking fans of the Dallas Cowboys. And what does Elisha Nelson Manning go and do? Besides kick the Cowboy's butts in their first game in said heathen temple stadium?

Writes graffiti on the billion dollar walls of the visitor's locker room. At least that's what's being reported by NBCDFW. The Cowboys have had no comment of the desacration, but if it's true, I can imagine a) It's already been painted over, and b)Jerry Jones ain't a happy camper.
But dangit, Archie should have him up better. You sure don't hear Peyton performing such hijinks. Well, other than throwing Jay Cutler into the pool . I guess he'll have to send Elisha to bed without a bedtime story for punishment.

(via Deadspin )

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