Sunday, October 4, 2009

Does Tony Strewart like Burger King, or is he telling a big Whopper?

Tony Stewart won today's Price Chopper 400 at Kansas Speedway, which puts him back in contention for the Sprint Cup. Stewart also has a big date on October 20, when his sponsor Burger King is planning to attach him to a polygraph to see if he really loves to eat Whoppers.
I don't really need to see Tony Stewart strapped to a polygraph to tell if he eats Whoppers. There's just something about him that shouts "Yes, I eat Whoppers. Lots and lots of Whoppers." Maybe it's the look in his eyes, or the tone in his voice that speaks a gentle sincerity. Or maybe it's because he's well...let's just say he looks like he eats a lot of Whoppers and leave it at that. Lots and lots of Whoppers. Lots and lots and lots of Whoppers. And a couple of chocolate shakes on the side to go with them.

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