Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who to root for: USC vs. Ohio State

Well the day has finally come: USC goes to Ohio State for a football game of epic proportions. Or at least the possibility of seeing epic failure. If you're having trouble finding a team to root for int this game here's a few fact to guide your decision.

Reason to root for:
Freshman Matt Barkley was 15-19 last week in his debut as USC quarterback.

Reason to root against:
Colin Cowherd's obnoxious manlove or USC and Pete Caroll.

Reason to root for:
Colin Cowhere's obnoxious manlove for USC and Pete Caroll.
Reason to root against:
Terelle Pryor's comments on Michael Vick. Seriously, if Pryor wants to support Vick, go help him with his anti-dog fighting campaign. That would say a lot more than eye-black ever will.

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