Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thieves steal Cal Ripken's number in an increasing series of lameness

It's hard to decide which is worse:

a)That four drunk goobers young men allegedlycommemorating the career of Baltimore Oriole legend Cal Ripken at Camden Yards under the influence of alcohol stole an aluminum no. 8 , and were caught almost as soon as they did the deed. Or...

b)The fact Cal Ripken was "honored" with aluminum no. 8 as opposed to an actual statue! C'mon! Is Baltimore in that bad of a shape that they can't even afford to give the most famous Oriole of all time an actual statue? It took forever, but at least they put up a statue in honor of Hank Aaron in Atlanta. for crying out loud. Other than the plaque underneath, that 8 could mean anything. It's as generic as generic can get. Here's the proof:

Yeah, really inspiring sculpture there. The Orioles are responsible for the numbers commemorating various players such as Ripken, Eddie Murray, and Brooks Robinson. You would think they could do a little better job honoring their history than with what fails to pass as public artwork.

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