Monday, September 21, 2009

Terry Pendleton for Braves' Manager? Heck No!

Mark Bradley, sports columnist for the alleged newspaper the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has put out a list of possible successors to Atlanta Braves' manager Bobby Cox should he step down at the end of the year (and he should). His five picks are: Brad Mills (bench coach for the Red Sox), Jose Oquendo and Dave Duncan (Cardinals third base coach and pitching coach respectively), Terry Pendleton (Braves intern hitting coach), and Twins third base coach Scott Ullger.
Two words on Terry Pendleton: Heck no! It doesn't take a baseball genius to tell you the reason the Braves' have pretty much underperformed the past couple of years is because of the hitting. The Braves leave too many men on base, are too home run dependent, and too dependent on Chipper Jones and Brian McCann being healthy and hitting at the same time. It's the reason the Braves are closer to mathematical elimination than to the wild card right now.
Want proof Pendleton's incompetent? Look at Jeff Francoeur, an alleged phenom who lost steam over the past couple of years.The Braves ended up trading him for Ryan Church, a person unworthy of the name "Ryan". (Ryan's the name of heroes and winners. Matt Ryan,Nolan Ryan, Ryan Conklin, but I digress.) Francoeur's had a pretty good run with a Mets team that hasn't seen a lot of good days this year. Church has missed quite a few games for injury and has really hasn't been a spectacular acquisition in the first place. Gee, Pendleton's sure helped his game.
The Braves really need to go outside the team for a new manager. Bobby Cox's style might have worked in the last years of last century, but has underperformed to just plain failed in this one. Picking his intern hitting coach isn't going to bring the glory days of all those division playoffs any time soon.

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