Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meaningless bowl game in NYC

The absurdity of college bowl games never seems to end. From the top dogs in the BCS to the lowliest meaningless game in the middle of nowhere, every new wrinkle in the system does nothing to dispel the real need of a playoff system.
The latest in bowl madness: A bowl game to be played in New York City at Yankee Stadium. Say that to yourself and consider how ludicrous that concept is. College football and NYC; two things that never really had any real reason for each other. (You could mention Columbia University, that won't help) It appears that this bowl will feature Plans call for the third or fourth best team in the Big East to play the either a)The seventh best Big 12 team or b) Notre Dame if no Big 12 teams are bowl eligible.
That's nice. There's going to be a bowl game in the biggest city in America, and it'll feature the scraps of two football conferences and/or the scraps that used to be Notre Dame. Yeah, that'll sell.
No word yet on an exact date either. But plans call for it to be after the 2010 season between Christmas and Dec. 31. Translation: Not even NYC can pull off this kind of boondoggle on Jan. 1.
It's too bad really. NYC should get a better bowl than this. It can be argued that it's a start, but it'll be an uphill battle to get anywhere in the sea of meaningless bowls.

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