Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bad week for ex-college coaches in the NFL

It sucks if you're an ex-college head coach/current offensive coordinator in the NFL this week, because there is a good chance you'll soon be an ex-offensive coordinator. First The Kansas City Chiefs relieved r North Avenue Trade School Georgia Tech head coach/former Jerry Jones' sock puppet Cowboy's head coach Chan Gailey from his offensive coordinator duties. Now the Tampa Bay Buccaners have made former Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski walk the plank.
It sucks twice as bad for Jagodzinski, as he was fired by BC for disobeying their orders and interwieving for the Jets. No word why he got let go, but it's possible that the Bucs decided any info they could get about having to deal with, Falcons QB Matt Ryan (a.k.a. the most handsome quarterback in the NFL ) who played under Jagodzinski's during his senior year wasn't worth it .

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