Monday, August 31, 2009

Amazons Attack...Scott Boras?

Okay, only the comic book fans out there are going to get that joke. But seriously, while Scott Boras was out undoubtably scheming to hold another team hostage over one of his clients, his dugout suite at Angel Stadium in Anaheim was taken over by bees. Obviously somebody's still a little mad over the Strasburg deal. Somebody should've told him Wonder Woman usually hangs around Washington D.C.

Fall Preview: College Football

Continuing with the Fall preview, here are the four games SWRT are interested in this year at the moment.
Georgia @ Oklahoma St. (Sept. 5, 3:30 PM ABC)
Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy (He’s a Man! He’s 40! Well okay, 42.) faces off against UGA coach Mark Richt (He’s a Man! He’s 49!) It’s tough when Judgment Day is the first day of the season. Lose this one and it’s a virtual kills hot, where even the other teams in your division stumbling afterwards may not be enough to get you back on track.

Florida @ LSU (Oct. 10, 8:00 PM)
LSU may be the toughest opponent the Gators face all year (don’t even say Georgia). With a schedule where Florida ducks Alabama and that Ole Miss team that made Tim Tebow pitch a hissy fit…uh, boldly vow to lead his team to the BCS “Championship”, The Gators may have the easiest road to the BCS than any other team besides Notre Dame. Speaking of which…

USC @ Notre Dame (Oct. 17, 3:00 PM)
This may just be a relevant game again this year, with emphasis on the word maybe. Notre Dame has an easy schedule, with an easy path to Pasadena, CA. On the other hand, the Irish have Jimmy Clausen as their starting QB, and SWRT has never been impressed by his brothers who played before him. (Rumor has it that Jimmy’s brother’s Casey is gonna be inducted into Georgia’s Ring of Honor this year. Sadly, he played for the Vols.) And USC has rookie QB Matt Barkley who has a long learning curve ahead of him. But if this day’s game’s not relevant then there’s always…

Texas vs. Oklahoma (Oct. 17 Noon ABC)
Provided that Texas gets by Texas Tech this year, the Red River Shootout could decide one-half of the BCS match-up. Beyond that it will be the last time senior QB’s Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford will be playing each other on the college level, so lots of significance there. It could also decide McCoy and Bradford’s possible Heisman chances.

Disney to buy Marvel

Nothing like a nice little corporate merger to make your head explode at the start of the week. Disney is buying Marvel in a $4 cash and stock deal. What it means if approve is that Disney will own the rights to such characters as Spider-Man, Wolverine, the X-Men, and Iron Man. Bleeding Cool has reported on comic industry reaction to this news. Click here to see what it's saying.

Hiting the links

A few links to help jump start your week:

  • The Orlando Sentinel shines a light on five QB's who aren't named Tebow, Bradford, or McCoy that could make some noise this season.

  • The Dallas Morning News speaks of the unspeakable friendship (at least for Longhorn and Sooner fans) between Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford.

  • The Times-News of Twin Falls, Idaho reports on Dutch-born Geraldo Hiwat, who never played serious organized football until visiting a football camp at Boise State two years ago. Now he's a freshman playing for Boise State.

  • The Detroit Free Press reports on the University of Michigan's investigation on alleged violations involving workouts and other activities.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Turn me on Deadman

The website Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Warner Brothers is developing a film project featuring the cult DC Comics character Deadman. Danish director Nikolaj Arcel is reported to be helming the picture, which will be produced by Guillermo del Toro (director of Pan's Labrynth and the upcomming two-film adaptation of The Hobbit).
Deadman, created by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino, first appeared in Strange Adventures #205 (cover dated October, 1967). Boston Brand was a circus performer who performed under the name Deadman who was murdered mid-performance by a mysterious gunman with a hook replacing one of his arms. Brand's ghost survived to track down his killer, only able to physically interact with the world by posessing the bodies of others

2009 Fall Preview: Most Interesting NFL Match-ups.

The 2009 Fall Preview kicks off with the five NFL games SWRT finds to be the most interesting during the first ten weeks of the season. These might not be the most talked about or pivital games, but they have that little intreging something that makes them must sees.

Week 3: Atlanta @ New England (Sept. 27, 1:00 PM EST on FOX)
Matt Ryan returns to the town that barely knew he was there in the first place (can anybody in Boston even find Boston College on the map?) Tom Brady, back from last years’ Week One season ending injury, will be there to make sure Matty Ice’s aspirations of being the heir apparent to the Quarterback Kingdom are kept in check.

Week 6: Chicago @ Atlanta (Oct. 18, 8:20 PM NBC)
Last year’s game in the Georgia Dome silenced many critic’s doubts about whether Matt Ryan was all hype or not. This year’s game will prove to be just as interesting, The Bears return to Atlanta with new QB Jay Cutler, who last year let the Broncos to victory against the Falcons. It will be interesting to see if he can reverse Chicago’s fortunes and gain retribution from last years stunning loss.

Week 9: Dallas @ Philadelphia (Nov. 9, 8:20 PM NBC)
The Cowboys leave the friendly confines of Jerryworld to travel to The City Too Busy Hating You. Usually the drama has been over on the ‘Boys sidelines. But with an ever temperamental Donovan McNabb and the good chances of Michael Vick being ready for service flip the drama over to the home team’s bench. This is the first of two division rivalry games, the other game coming in Week 17 on Jan. 3, 2010.

Week 9: San Diego @ New York Giants (Nov. 9, 4:15 PM CBS)
The Chargers and the Giants haven’t played each other in the regular season since 2005, when Drew Brees still QB’d the Bolts. The year before saw the trade where Chargers traded their number one draft pick Elisha Nelson Manning to The Giants for Phillip Rivers. So this is going to be the first time Rivers and Manning will be facing each other as starting QB’s.

And speaking of Mannings…

Week 10: New England @ Indianapolis (Nov. 12 8:20 PM NBC)
Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. ‘Nuff said.

Shirts Without Random Triangles Dept.: U of Memphis has a potty mouth

Every Day Should Be Saturday reports that this shirt pictured below is not some joke shirt produced by a Memphis frat house, but it is in reality an official shirt being sold by the official University of Memphis Athletics Online Store commerating the upcomming season opener agaist Old Miss:
Gee, mabye John Calipari wasn't the root of all evil at Memphis after all.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random Fun and Games: Founder, Faulkner, or Dawg?

The games found on the Internet can be quite amusing at times, quite annoying at others. T. Kyle King has developed a happy little quiz where you have to figure out which name belongs to either a) A signer of the Declaration of Independence, b) a character from a Faulkner story, or c) A University of Georgia football player. It's gets a touch harder because it doesn't use the obvious names for Dawg fans (Hershel Walker, Hines Ward, David Greene, etc). The choices for the Founding Fathers is a little easier, but not by much. Think you know your sports,history,and literature? Then try your knowledge here. Don't say we didn't warn you.

More reasons to hate Tim Tebow

It's bad enough having to go through the cycle of alternating feelings of hate of Tim Tebow for his athletic success on the field with the feeling bad about of thrashing someone who has a strong Christian background and who being someone you'd probably want your daughter to marry. (or you son, but we won't bring that...oops!) Apparently Tim Tebow will be having to balance leading the Florida Gators to another (imaginary) National Championship with a (imaginary) heavy academic schedule. Tebow has only one course Fall Semester: senior seminar, which officially replaces the record for lameness set by Matt Leinart's Ballroom Dancing course. Sounds like a BS course in the non-academic definition.
RANDOM UPDATE: And if that wasn't bad enough, the University of Florida's lawyers have put the kibosh on a Florida minor league baseball team's semi-sacrilegious "What Would Tim Tebow Do?" night. probably a good thing. If the lawyers hadn't stopped them...well Tebow's got friends in high places, and we'll leave it at that.
FURTHER RANDOM UPDATE: Oh wait, it even gets worse...

From the Things That Had To Happen Dept.: The 20th Century in Legos.

The photographs include recreations of events such as the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, The Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, to Steve McCurry’s memorable 1985 National Geographic cover a young girl in Afghanistan during the Soviet Invasion, Afghan Girl,. A gallery for some of these images, along with the original inspirations, is right here.
What's next? Bible stories in Legos? Oh wait...

I've got a little list: Anerica's most (redacted) Colleges

GQ magazine's September magazine features a list of the "America's 25 (redacted) Colleges". (If you really need to know what the redacted word is before you click on the link...well, it's a strong enough name for a man, but made for a woman. Let's put it that way.) All the usual suspects are there, especially the Ivy League. Other noteworthys include U of Texas, Ohio State, and the University of Georgia (comes close to cheap redneck humor. But we'll give credit to GQ for actually knowing what Realtree is). And yes, Duke is on the list (and rated to low at #2, but their explanation is entirely acceptable).
One glaring omission: No sign of Yale. Seriously? The college that gave the world the Bush family, John Kerry, Gary Hart,Gary Trudeau, Dick Cheney, and both Bill and Hillary Clinton? There must have been some Bonesmen behind this list.
And seriously, does Charter College in Wasilla, Alaska get on this list without being a needless cheap shot at Sarah Palin? Please.
The September issue also features a) A gratuitous Michael Jackson cover, and b)A gratuitous photo of Tim Tebow shirtless. At least one of those in inexcusable.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Review: Awake, by Skillet

Skillet’s new CD Awake follows in the success of their 2006 release Comatose. Musically, the band continues in the footsteps of Comatose’s more mainstream rock sound. Which is a shame, because it seems the days of Skillet’s more adventurous and electronic oriented endeavors such as Invincible and Alien Youth seem to be over for now. Still, the band’s craftsmanship shows up throughout the twelve song collection, and John L. Cooper’s songwriting skills still pack a thoughtful punch. Tracks like “Hero” and “Monster” show the band at there best. And songs like “One Day Too Late” carry on the tradition of thoughtful and impactfull lyrics. Very recommended.

The history of Ken Griffey Jr.'s rookie card

Sports Illustrated ran a story on the 20th anniversary of "The Last Iconic Baseball Card," a.k.a. Ken Griffey Jr.'s Upper Deck rookie card from 1989. It goes behind the scenes of the making of the card, and the creation of Upper Deck. What follows is a look at the sad decline of the baseball card industry, leading to the recent decision by MLB to work exclusively with Topps, shutting off other card Upper Deck's access to MLB team logos.

Stephen Spielberg walks the plank...again!

Let the pirate jokes commence! According to USA Today, Stephen Spielberg had signed on t0 produce (and possibly direct) an adaption of Pirate Latitudes, a soon to be released novel written by the late Michael Crichton. Spielberg famously directed two adaptations of Crichton novels, Jurassic Park, and it's sequel, The Lost World. Both of which brought in a lot of box office booty.
According to Dreamworks CEO Stacey Snider, the film will be a more realistic, as opposed to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. (Disney, it should be noted, has a distribution deal with Dreamworks.) It should also be more realistic than Hook, Spielberg's spin on the story of Peter Pan.
The novel, by the way will be dropping anchor on Nov.24.

From the "This isn't going to end well" Dept.: Broncos suspend Marshall

The AP is reporting that The Denver Broncos have suspended Brandon Marshall. Marshall had a testy relationship with the Bronco's first year coach Josh McDaniel during the off season. This on top of the chaos caused with McDaniel's disastrous handling of Jay Cutler, which led to Cutler's trade to Chicago for Kyle Orton. McDaniel's chances for "Coach of the Year" are getting slimmer by the minute. On the other hand, the chances for a high first round draft pick and a chance for that franchise QB (i.e Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy) of have at least doubled. Either way, it's gonna be a long season for Broncos' fans.

If an NBA player signed a contract in a forest would ESPN still cover it?

Yahoo NBA blogger J.E. Skeets has come up with what Yahoo refers to as an "All-Boredom Team", which includes Allen "Practice" Iverson and Ricky "I'm Too Sexy for Minnesota" Rubio. The group is singled out for on-court performance, but for the constant stream of non-news concerning their failure to sign with one team or another.
Granted, being named boring for the tediousness of contract negotiations is better than being called boring for on the court performance. Though honestly most of this group isn't quite marquee level in the first place. Iverson's story is probably the biggest, since both his on-and-off court performances have been sports radio fodder for the past ten-plus years. Minnesota T-Wolves' draftee Rubio's still unsigned status is even less interesting than the non-drama that is the San Francisco 49ers-Michael Crabtree eye-roller.
Rubio and Iverson's contract status might just get interesting by the time the NBA season starts. For now...hey how long 'till the football season kickoff is it?

I Love You, You Love Me...

So Brett Favre is a Viking now.

Favre is purple.
Favre is old as a dinosaur.
Is Brett Favre really....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Minnesota Vikings: Denial is not a river in Egypt

It looks like the Minnesota Vikings are circling their wagons after ESPN reported on dissent in the locker room over the ongoing Brett Favre Circus Sideshow. The St. Paul Pioneer Press interviewed thirteen players who denied the story. Coach Brad Childress and star RB Adrian Peterson both deny the story.
Either way, this story shows the havoc caused by the signing of Favre has caused. If the stories are true, the there's more dissent over who would be the better QB instead of Favre then there is actually supporting Favre. Some players reportedly supporting Tavaris Jackson, others support Sage Rosenfels. Farve's first preseason performance arguably didn't help things.
It's the kind of atmosphere that doesn't sound conductive to a winning season. Favre can fix this obviously by getting the job done and leading the team to victory. Questions still abound on whether the Favre that thrilled many a Packer will show up or the Jet QB that sputtered to a 9-7 season last year. Anything close to the latter and the 2009 season could go from the theater of the absurd to a dark carnival of the soul.

Top of the Pops: #1 In the US

According to Billborard:


Random Thoughts: Civil rights groups to hold pro-Vick rally.

ESPN is reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles are trying to put a stop to plans by area civil rights groups to hold a pro-Michael Vick rally outside Thursday night's preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field. The team says it wants to avoid a "ugly scene". Apparently the groups aren't listening.
J. Whyatt Mondesire, the president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP accuses local animal rights groups of wanting "to hold him (Vick) hostage for the rest of his life, and of trying to deny " him his ability to make a living."
If the NAACP really wanted to support Michael Vick, maybe it should partner with him in his post prison sentence campaign against dog fighting . It would be helping Vick to restore the reputation he sorely wishes to regain, and it would help in trying to keep young African Americans from going down the criminal path that led to his downfall. And it would help keep these groups from looking like total goobers while there are real issues in society that need to be addressed.

Random Television Listings

A glimpse of what's on television for Thursday, Aug. 27

  • NFL on FOX Preseason: Miami at Tampa Bay. Last year's suprise AFC East Champions against last year's disappointing NFC South also-rans. (FOX, 8:00 PM EST)
  • Rob Dyrdek s Fantasy Factory (season 2 premiere). More fun with skateboard pro Rob Dyrek and cousin Drama. (MTV 9:00 PM EST )
  • Project Runway. Continuing the "lost season" in Los Angeles. Just look at the models. (Lifetime 10:00)
  • Nitro Circus (season 2 premiere) . Pick of the night. Travis Pastrina and crew continue their cunning stunts in Los Angeles. (MTV 10:00 PM EST)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sports Illustrated goes "Favre-Free"

Sports Illustrated, the venerable sports weekly, has declared it's Aug 31 issue to be "100% Favre-Free" on it's cover. Meaning that there was no coverage of Brett Favre's first preseason game in a Vikings uniform.
It's probably a smart commentary on the Brett Favre circus that is slowly becoming a dark carnival of the soul. Favre's latest un-retirement was possibly more anti-climatic than the average Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoon. Now if we could only to get SI to remain "Favre-Free" maybe this football season would be a little quieter, or at least feel like it.

WWE Network: All wrestling, all the time?

The news that Vince McMahon, the evil genius behind the WWE was looking into starting a cable network sent wrestling fans a-twitter. It seems rumors of an all-wrestling channel seem to pop up every few years, but this time the story seems to have more to it.
The Los Angeles Times first reported the news in an August 24 story on the WWE’s trend towards more family-friendly content. Sources told New York Post that the WWE sees his future network as a basic cable channel, alongside such cable mainstays as ESPN and MTV. Programming would come from the company’s vast archive of wrestling programs, pay-per views, and films.
Getting there won’t be a walk in the park, however. The NFL has had its own cable network (The inconspicuously named NFL Network) since 2003, but has been fighting cable systems over carrying it ever since. For the WWE to get its wish to be on the basic tier, as opposed to being bundles with sports programming, it will probably have to make the kinds of concessions that the NFL Network has mostly refuses to do.
Though a new wrestling show or shows would be desirable for wrestling fans, the potential network would be most likely be reliant on the WWE’s vast archive of programming. Showing reruns of WWE programming is thornier than it sounds. Are there enough potential viewers willing to watch reruns of RAW and Smackdown? Would non-wrestling fans be drawn to twenty-year old footage of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair? Plus what to do with all of those shows which featured Chris Benoit?
Which gets to what might be the real reason behind this new push by the WWE for a cable network? Since 2002 the WWE has had its own film studio (WWE Studios), which features various WWE stars in dramatic roles. Films produced or co-produced by the company include The Scorpion King, The Marine, and See No Evil. There are further plans to produce films for theatrical, made-for-television, and direct-to-DVD releases. A cable network would provide a platform for bringing these properties to the public. And a network featuring films on a regular basis would fit into the basic cable tier than an all-wrestling network, which would probably wind up with cable systems’ sports packages.
For wrestling fans, a 24-hour WWE channel would seem to be a dream come true. The reality would probably mean more of Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia than CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy.